Track Record

Equipment installation support

Drawing on our experience of working in the offshore environment we supported a client mobilise a straighter in to their VLS. Successful managing the installation of the equipment for the client.

Container Stack

SDJ designed a structure to allow the control containers for a client’s VLS to be stacked. Maximising the vessel deck space available for operations.

Hatch Product Opening

Designed a class approved product hatch opening to allow products to be mobilised in the VLS while at sea.

Hatch chute

Design of a hatch chute capable of being hydraulically actuated to allow the management of flexible products into and out of a deck hatch while still maintaining the ability to close the hatch.

Subsea HPU

Building on our experience of designing subsea equipment we supplied a subsea HPU for a subsea piling template.

Crew Transfer ladder

Design of a bespoke crew transfer ladder to suit our clients multicat vessel. Providing safe transfers of personnel during the project.

Cable loading arm

Supply of a cable loading arm for our clients new cable storage facility. The arm is cable of loading cable in to 10m, 12m and 16m diameter baskets.

Mattress recovery tool

Supplied a subsea grab capable of recovering concrete mattress from the sea bed. Representing a significant operational time saving for our client.

Umbilical tagging tower

Supply of a system to manage an umbilical from deck level to the desired operating height. Safely protecting the operators and umbilical during equipment recovery operations.

ROV redesign

A significant upgrade of an existing ROV was undertaken. Delivering a significant upgrade to the ROV’s capability.

Cable jointing spread

Mobilisation support for our client as they prepared to undertake a significant cable repair project.

Vessel Mobilisations

Having completed several sea fastening jobs we continue support our clients offshore mobilisation requirements. Providing office and onsite support as required.