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SDJ Design Engineering Ltd has been working closely with UTROV Ltd on their recent salvage campaign to recover a plough that was lost during cable ploughing operations.

SDJ was awarded the contract from UTROV Ltd to design and build the necessary additional equipment to allow UTROV to recover the plough. SDJ worked closely with UTROV to take their concept though to detailed design and manufacture on an accelerated time line.

UTROV’s concept of a self-closing grab, was matured into a detailed design before starting the procurement process.

Even with a short lead time it was considered vital to the success of the project to undertake a factory acceptance test of the final fabrications to confirm the design intent and final functionality. This confirmed the expected grab operation and allowed a reduction in operational risk for the final client.

SDJ also supported the offshore campaign, providing personnel to operate with the UTROV team. This allowed the final design to be witnessed in operation as the grab was successfully used to recover the cable plough from the seabed.

The grab was deployed off the back of the vessel using the Utility ROV and lowered on to the plough tow bar. It was then released by the utility ROV securing the plough via the grab to the vessel recovery winch.

The plough was lifted from the sea bed and transited to an agreed location for final recovery by the cable vessel.

“The grab worked as expected from the initial concept. The design time involved and the factory acceptance testing was essential prior to starting the offshore campaign. The success of the recovery operation proved the value of the work that SDJ contributed to UTROV’s project” – Sven Jupp, Director of SDJ Design Engineering Ltd