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SDJ Design Engineering Ltd has continued to build on its relationship with its client as it adds a 35Te A-frame, to its portfolio, which will allow the safe launch and recovery of its equipment.
SDJ was initially asked by UTROV to make an engineering assessment of a second hand A-frame that was available for purchase in Norway. On returning from inspecting the A-Frame a site report was compiled and issued allowing UTROV to make an informed decision on the purchase of the A-frame.
On purchasing the A-Frame SDJ was awarded the contract to manage the A-frame refurbishment and design a new grillage to allow the A-Frame to be mobilised on a vessel of choice.
The refurbishment involved the stripping down of the existing A-frame and making an assessment of the individual components condition before organising any necessary repairs or replacements.
The design of the grillage was undertaken using load cases based on load factors from the Lloyds lifting appliance design code, ensuring a robust and fit for purpose grillage design. The main challenge was designing a suitable grillage to fit a range of possible vessel decks and still remain road transportable. This was completed by SDJ ensuring that the client requirements were met.
A number of additional fabrications where delivered as part of the A-frame refurbishment. With the most challenging being UTROV’s required a snubber to help control the salvage ROV during launch and recovery. This was designed to fit in to existing structure on the A-Frame reducing the need for additional fabrications to be added to the A-frame.
On delivering the A-frame to Montrose Port, SDJ also supported the A-frame assembly and mobilisation on to the FS Pegasus. The vessel deck assessment was also undertaken by SDJ to ensure that enough under deck structure was available to safely secure the A-frame to the vessel deck to react the design loads.
The vessel mobilisation also included the other ancillary equipment such as a deck crane and an umbilical winch, all of which were subject to a deck assessment and sea fastening design.
“This was a great project for SDJ to be involved with, giving us a chance to showcase our capabilities for one of our valued customers.” – Sven Jupp, Director of SDJ Design Engineering Ltd